Hmmmmmmmn, I smiled knowingly to myself as I reminiscence down memory lane as a Customer Service Officer.

Na so indignation well up in me……. sorry na INSPIRATION I wan talk. (No be by force to speak English?)

Anyway, Inspiration comes well up in me.

(Inserts Tiwa Savage’s IF I START TO TALK)

My people have one saying that the deep-set eyes of the elderly are a result of their numerous experiences.

For those of you snickering at me and giving me the eye, wondering when did Ibukun turn elderly?

(A wondrous, annoying look back at you)

Biko, nyem mic make I knack una tori.

When I was in customer service some 12 years ago………haaaa I knew the definition of work. Na that time Rihanna suppose release her work, work, work song.

Kai, my people, I work sotey, I became work personified, from manual labour to AMLOCK, to 3 step account opening on Banks, etc and any other work as assigned you from your supervisor……. choiiii. I could have sworn that one of the requirements HR was supposed to include in the application for the role was this ‘Must have been a former Marvel Comic Character with super powers’

Month end was truly a despicable period for me, I hated it like mad. God, the manual work we did could kill your brain cells and what was worse was the mad rush to finish it on time and balance out.

We used to prime verve cards from Head office automatically (5 days oh) and waited 3 days later to get the pins. (Try telling that to your customers now if you no go chop slap …lol)

God bless you make you request for card and forget pin especially for an informed customer……. you will hear the story of your life from the customer if not properly managed.

For cheque book, you needed to get the details right the first time, or else you start the process again 3 days later after collecting an incorrect cheque book…. lol. By that time Kasala go don burst if the customer is in urgent need of the cheques.

Bank Statement was the worst, tally printer to print and woe betide you if Nepa takes light or the thing hangs(Gosh I can still hear the infuriating sound).

First of all, you could lose a finger or two trying to sign into Report 8000 or Banks to print the statement. In your stress, if you miss the password, your calamity in life has just begun. To print common bank statements will now become wahala. Those long green line statements…...haaa technology and innovation good ohh.

Further complications include if the tally ink or tally paper runs out while printing …. OYO state be dat aka On Ya Own.

How I kept my sanity in most of those mayhem was truly beyond me but I had to wise up and sharpen up fast.

I made friends with all the CSU around me, Those guys got my back any day any time. Anyway, (In Nathaniel Bassey's voice) Just like that….., Olowogbogboro did it and sent helpers to revamp the role

Nnnnnnnaaaa mehn, change was not easy. Resistance to it was even worse.

But in all, the banking industry has really evolved and will continue to do so in the face of COVID 19.

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