If you are a music lover like me, sometimes you often have...

If you are a music lover like me, sometimes you often have a soundtrack for every situation and events unfolding in your life playing in your head.

Today, the broken record in my head is D'banj's “Mo bo l’owo won”(Story for another day). The last time this soundtrack was playing in my head was some 9 years ago.

I had just joined a new organisation with a staff strength of over 3,000 staff and in all of these some cute blokes had caught my eye.

He was a combination of Denzel Washington, Boris Kodjoe and Morris Chestnut all together but even better, need I say more…….hmmm hmmm hmmm (Inserts Justin Bieber's “Baby Baby Baby …..ohhhh”)

I often ran into him in the elevator, hallway or carpark and my heart would beat so fast at his cuteness. Bet if I was a white chick, I would have been blushing red with how smitten I was with him.

In all of these, we never spoke for once, he would acknowledge me sometimes with a smile, a nod of his head and the likes and I would respond back with a shy "Hello" or suitable salutation. It never went beyond that until a certain day I went into the cafeteria to eat.

I had just settled down with my wonderful meal of fried rice and chicken with one of my cool girlfriends Mary who always teases me about him when I spotted him from the corner of my eyes.

He ordered his lunch, looked around, noted us and started a stride towards us with his tray. This was the day I had been waiting for, was he actually coming over, I panicked.

Do I look good, was my breath reeking of chicken…..dear God, I quickly looked into my plate lest he hears the palpitations of my heart.

I can’t believe this is happening, he was actually coming over to talk and sit with us……all my Christmas wishes coming true (inserts Shayne Ward’s Breathless)

Hello Ladies, he greeted, may I join you he asked as I lost my voice unable to look at him.

Thank God Mary answered but not without a pinch to my side that got me out of my tongue in cheek moment.

He settled down nicely, threw us that amazing gorgeous smile and started… You is new around here, been noticing you for some time.