Some people have heard of spas and wondered what they do there.

Others are like, “Rubbish, wasting my money for what”

I used to be like you ohhhhh, just that Thank God for my job, my eyes don clear.

The first time I went to a Spa, I was treading on cloud 9.

I had watched too many movies about the spa treatment that I longed for.

All those black Babalawo stones they put on your back and the likes.

For me it was an aspirational thing, the massage, facials, pedicure, manicure and sauna.

Anyway, a nice pretty customer had invited my then supervisor and I for her spa launch and had given us a free massage. (Ntoineeee, next time be nice to customers)

Like play like play, I dey go Spa…heh heh.

So on the D-day, armed with my sunglasses, dressed to the teeth and feeling like Bounty Chocolate, I hailed a Taxi and made my way to V.I to the Spa in question.

I was sooooo giddy with excitement and feeling on top of the world as I arrived at my destination.