Yeeeeeee, yeeeeee, egbami ohhhhhhhh Jesus………………BIG THUD ON THE FLOOR

Nooo, it is not a robbery scene, neither was I trying to kill a snake or rodent.

Rather it is the sight and sounds of me crashing gallantly in a shameful heap on the floor after just 6 seconds of planking.

I groaned as I crumpled on the floor.

This weight loss tribulation……….. sorry program I have gotten myself into was totally killing me.

6 seconds of planking and I was stuck………..as in STUCK OHHHH.

Now I regret all those TGIF nights of endless tempting, evil and delicious junk foods….. pizza slices, unholy packs of small chops and endless promotion celebration.

Anyways, back to my tale……My husband rushed in to try and help me up after hearing my cry of alarm from downstairs.

There I was on the floor breathing heavily with a small line of sweat breaking out on my forehead.

“What happened Mummy” I noticed my boy running in behind his father asking me with concern in his eyes.

I was tempted to say ‘Mummy was doing exercise and virtue left her’ actually, that was what happened.

‘’Mummy was doing exercise and hurt herself” I explained to him as my hubby helped me up.

“Awwww sorry Mummy” he said rubbing my head while I managed a small smile at him

“Pele”, my husband said and ruffled my hair a little…..I could tell he was trying to stifle a laugh.

“Maybe you should start with the simpler exercises”….. he encouraged me after making sure I was fine.

Not long after he went back downstairs with the munchkin, I heard them all laughing as he tried explaining the position he found me to the rest of the family.

‘Snitch’ I thought …all these people that will not encourage me and be laughing at me.

‘God….please make this cup pass over me , just help me’ … I prayed.